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The Office’s Alaska attorney services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Claims - Prosecution
and Defense
Resolution of claims in state and federal courts and through arbitration and mediation due to boating accidents, collision, dock and other property damage, breach of charter and other contracts, personal injury, wrongful death, strandings, pollution, salvage, cargo damage and loss, and wage disputes.
Contract Negotiation
and Preparation
Vessel charter, sale, repair and construction contracts; marine mortgages; cargo; fish sale, processing and transportation; tug and tow; non-maritime contracts incident to the conduct of marine business; documentation filings and corrections.
Employment Matters Seamen’s and other employment contracts; license proceedings.
Fishery Regulation
and Enforcement
Pursuit of fishing rights, permits and licenses; defense of enforcement actions.
Marine Insurance Coverage opinions and coverage dispute resolution.
Debt Collection
and Subrogation
Vessel arrest, maritime attachment; mortgage and lien foreclosure and other commercial debt collection actions in Alaska state and federal courts.
Bankruptcy Representation of creditors in cases involving marine companies.
Civil Litigation Litigation in state and federal courts of claims arising from accidents, from commercial, property and family disputes and from probate.
Business Formation and Advice for Small Business

Incorporation; formation of LLCs and partnerships; general commercial advice and assistance concerning contracts, employment issues, collections and the like, as well as negotiation, arbitration and mediation of disputes.